The why of eloping seems to always be a

Couples elope for many personal reasons, some as simple as;
one having a fear of standing up in front of a group of
people.  What ever the reason for eloping, elopements offer
an uncomplicated approach to a wedding ceremony while
still retaining the non institutional feeling of a civil

What are the three fundamental elements that can not be
removed from an elopement wedding?

The Bride, The Groom, The Official Presiding.

Eloping by its very nature offers a simple passage into
married life.  The elopement focuses on the significance of
the relationship between the bride and groom about to
become husband and wife, there is nothing to distract their
attention from one another.

The elopement ceremony begins; “These are the things I
must not forget, word for word.”  So starts the beautiful tale
of joined union.  If the heart is immortal then an elopement
ceremony with its integral design for intimacy is the perfect
beginning to enter into the mystery of the heart together.
Why Elope?
Answers to the Questions
The elopement ceremony speaks to the heart of the matter.  Each elopement is unique
and with an elopement ceremony perhaps more then any other ceremony you can make
it uniquely yours.  Having your ceremony filled with the words you want to say to each
other and the words you want said and heard and remembered, this is the gift of an
elopement ceremony.  The gift you give to each other.

When you return home you can send out a photographic announcement of your union.  
If you like to gather your friends and family to share in your joy it can be done in an
uncomplicated way, as simple as a champagne and cake celebration in the middle of a
Sunday afternoon.  Life can be easy and straightforward.  

The question of “Why Elope?” is probably as varied as “Why to Marry?”  There are an
abundance of answers, all personal choices that are perfectly perfect for each couple to
make together.
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